SwiftKey has launched its new app SwiftKey Note for iphone with smart AutoCorrect feature which makes notes taking really quick on iPhone. Android users have been familiar with SwiftKey but it was missing its presence on iOS before launch of this writing and note taking app.


This beautiful note taking app starts giving you auto correct suggestions as soon as you start typing. SwiftKey smart auto correct keeps on learning and improving its suggestions by observing your writing patterns and words used. So word suggestion keeps on getting better with time.


SwiftKey Note is a free writing app which has got minimalistic design. A simple plus button on main screen can be used to add new notes. You can create tags in your notes which will make it easier to find it later.

SwiftKey Note provides integration with Evernote so your data is synchronized across the devices and it’s never lost. It  also allows you to share note content using Mail, sms and Copy/Paste.


After getting this application, I have stopped using Prompts and I am using SwiftKey Note for making notes and writing quick articles on Mobile.