Every time a new Table is created in Database, its required to create all different basic SPs (Such as for Inserting, Updating, Selection etc) before table can be accessed and used in code.

This process eats up a lot of time if this needs to be repeated for multiple tables.

SQL CSense is a small utility which automates all this process and save time of Software Developers. This utility connects to any given Sql Server Database and automatically generates 5 most commonly required Stored Procedures for the selected table  –

1) Select

2) Select By Primary Key

3) Update (by Primary Key)

4) Insert

5) Delete (By Primary Key)

Sql CSense will also generate XSD (XML Schema) file for the select Database table.



SQL CSense is very easy to use and requires just few steps to achieve its target –

1) Provide Connection string for MS Sql Server (No other DB is supported currently).

2) Click on ‘Fetch Tables’ button.

3) Select the Table name in ‘Tables List’.

4) Provide Output Folder Path where you would like to get all SQL and XSD files created.

5) Click on ‘Create’ button.

This will generate all selected Stored Procedures in the given Output Folder.

You can download this application from following link –


Please feel free to report any issues you face or any enhancement you would like to see in this application.