iSMS V1.18 is a  free and fully loaded SMS application for Symbian S60 V5 & Symbian^3 platform. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile and can easily replace the default SMS application.

iSMS Home

Download iSMS v1.18 here.


iSms is very customizable mobile application and comes with following features –

1) iPhone style Chat bubbles for SMS

iSMS Chat Bubbles

2) Theme support

iSMS Themes

3) Internet based messaging using iChat

iSMS iChat

4) Supports to send Flash SMS.

iSMS Flash SMS

5) On receiving a SMS, it shows popup like iPhone. User can select to Read or Discard the message from home screen.

iSMS Receive Bubble

6) Additional tools like SMS Backup, Fake SMS and SMS Counter are also provided by this cool sms application for Symbian devices.

iSMS Tools

iSMS for Symbian is a fantastic piece of software and once you start using it, you would never need to go back to default messaging application of phone. On Techovity iSMS is a recommended SMS application for Symbian platform.

iSMS definitely makes us feel that we should have more such well designed, feature rich and well integrated applications for Symbian platform.

Recently iSMS v2 has also been launched for Symbian, but this is an stripped down version of the initial application.

iSMS v2 does not support Themes, Customized Background or any Addition Tools. Only extra feature you get is an additional ‘Delete’ button on SMS preview popup.

Therefore if you are very low on phone memory only then you should go for V2.0, otherwise stick to full fledged v1.18 of iSMS. It is also available for Android platform.

Download iSMS v1.18 here.