You may want to set different ringtone for your friend and a different for your boss, so you know when to pick the phone and when to put it on silent even without checking the phone.It is very easy to set different ringtones for different contacts in iPhone.

Just follow these quick steps –

1) Open Contacts list, and open the details of Contact for which you want to set a different ringtone.

2014-07-09 17.55.33


2) Click on ‘Edit’ button. Now when you scroll down, you will see ‘Ringtone’ setting. Here you will see ‘Default’ written as your phone would be using the default ringtone for all contacts.

2014-07-09 17.55.45

3) Click on this ‘Ringtone’ option and it will open a list of all Ringtones available on your iPhone.

2014-07-09 17.55.59

4) Select the ringtone which you want to set for the contact and click on ‘Done’. Again click on ‘Done’ and finish editing the contact.

Now whenever this person calls you, your phone will be using the custom ringtone you just set.