We all have been using ‘mstsc’ command on Windows for making Remote Desktop Connections. But have you ever thought, how wonderful it would be to make multiple simultaneous remote desktop connections from a single screen.

This can be done very easily using a tool called – ‘Remote Desktop Connection Manager‘. Its created by one of the Microsoft Engineering team member Julian Burger and its publicly distributed by Microsoft.

RDCMan allows you to make a list of servers (remote computers) which you need to connect. You can also Add Groups and then add server list in these groups. You can save login credentials while adding computers in the list.


Whenever you need to connect to any computer, all you need to do is to right click on the computer name and choose Connect Server option. RDCMan will use saved settings and you will get connected and logged in directly to remote computer .

Grouping makes it very easy to save same settings for all computers within a Group (such as LoginId and Password), because any setting can be inherited from the parent. This saves big time while adding many computers in the list.


RDCMan shows a list of all Groups and Servers on the left hand pane, in the right side pane it shows Live Thumbnails of all the servers in Grid view.

If you need to work with multiple remote computers/servers at once, Remote Desktop Connection Manager will soon become an indispensable tool for you.