Nokia PureView 808 was launched on 13th June 2012 in India, this is the first Nokia phone which comes with next generation photography technology for mobiles phones, called Nokia PureView Pro .

Nokia PureView 808

Nokia PureView 808 is a Symbian Belle based phone with 1.3GHz Processor and 4 inch wide AMOLED screen, but what makes it different from any current Mobile in the World is that Nokia 808 has got staggering 41 Megapixel Camera.

Camera of Nokia PureView  808 comes with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and a bigger Censor which enables it to have 41Megapixels craved on it. Camera also comes with a fast lens with f 2.4 aperture. It allows 1080P@30FPS video recording also.

Nokia PureView Camera Closeup

Lets see quickly what exactly this means to us and how it changes the game of Mobile Cameras.

Nokia Pureview Pro imaging technology is a combination of  few things which revolves around a better image censor and 41 megapixels.

Nokia  knows that we will never be needing an image of 41 megapixel size, because it will be a huge image with very big file size, and this is how they use this huge number of extra megapixels for adding additional clarity of image.

Nokia PureView uses Pixel Oversampling, which means if you are using camera at default 5 Megapixel setting, PureView has got 8 extra pixels for every single pixel. So PureView will use these all pixels as a single pixel and will merge these 8 pixels into one to create one Super Pixel with extra ordinary details and clarity.

Now you can easily understand how this 8:1 oversampling ratio can give you outstanding details in your images.

This is not end of story, this much high extra pixel allows Nokia PureView to handle image distortions, wider focal length and loss-less digital zoom.

Nokia Pureview 808 has started a new era in Phone Cameras and currently its miles ahead than any top camera phone in the market such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s.

You can see a side by side comparison of photos on CNET, iPhone 4s pics stands no where in front of PureView 808 photos.

Last thing I can say is that, Nokia was desperately in need of such a revolutionary product, which could help him in holding its ground in Mobile market … Lets see how market responds to this outstanding Camera Phone.