Finally Nokia has introduced its Android powered series of phones called X Family. These phones uses forked variation of Open Source Android operating system (similar to Amazon Kindle).

What it means is that, these phone’s operating system is based on Android OS but these are not Android OS released by Google. As a result, it will  not have support of Google and core Google apps.

So these phone will not have Google Play to download android apps. However Nokia may introduce its own Android app store (again similar to Amazon) and users can download and run android applications from there, otherwise users can directly put APK files and install Android apps. These phones will come preloaded with few popular Android apps and Nokia is also putting its Here Maps on these phones.

In first phase Nokia has launched 3 models – Nokia X (4inch Screen), Nokia X+(4inch Screen) and Nokia XL (5inch Screen).


However all of them have serious hardware limitations (such as max RAM given to Nokia XL is 768MB and all three phone have got 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon processor).

The kind of hardware Nokia is putting in this series, it looks more like halfhearted  attempt by Nokia to enter Android market.

Lets see how much success this brings to Nokia.