MTDE from Nagarro Software has come as a big time saver for Companies trying to decide which technology they should choose for their next mobile application.

In a market which is flooded with so many different Mobile Technologies, it not an easy task to decide whether your application should support iPhone, Android or Blackberry or all of them.

One wrong decision in selection of technology may increase overall production cost significantly which no company would like to incur.

To help Companies in making this crucial decision and speed up the process, Nagarro has come up with a Facebook application called ‘Mobile Technology Decision Engine‘ (MTDE) .


MTDE from Nagarro Software is a free application which comes with an easy to use interface, and allows to select all the expected features in the application. Results of this application can be considered as initial guideline towards choosing the right technology.

This application allows to choose all key requirements , which are categorized into three categories – Platforms To Be Supported, Deployment Strategy and Features To Be Supported.

Based on your selection MTDE gives real time trends in the form of Bar Charts.

Once you get the results, you can get them email also, by clicking on ‘Download Offline Copy’ button. Analysis report will be in the form of PDF file and will be sent to the mail address associated with your Facebook account.

However one short fall we found is that current version of the application does not support Windows Phone platform.

The way Nokia and Microsoft has tied their hands and aggressively pushing Windows Phone 7 in the market, it is not a wise decision to ignore them.

Overall ‘Mobile Technology Decision Engine’ is a nice application from Nagarro and will be a great starting point for companies planning to create an application for mobile devices.

Read the official statement here related to launch of MTDE from Nagarro Software.