Thunderbird IconMozilla has launched latest Thunderbird version 13 of their Email Client with many enhancements and changes.


Apart from the tabbed interface of Thunderbird, this Open Source Email Client has got two unique features.

Thunderbird Features

First feature is to set a Filelink. Thunderbird Filelink allows you to enter your YouSendIt account details in Thunderbird and it will Upload Large email attachments to YouSendIt and send a link in email.

Thunderbird SetUp Filelink

This will allow you to send files larger than normal attachment in email. Thunderbird will be adding more options for uploading files online, currently it supports only

Thunderbird YouSendIt Link

Second newly added feature is that Thuderbird now supports creation of new personalized Email Address by using and However these personalized email address will require you to pay them for their service, so our advice will be to compare their plans with other plans available in the market.

Thunderbird New Account With Gandi

Anyone selling domain these days will offer you personalized email accounts for free with domain name purchase. Check out domain resellers.

Apart from this Thunderbird has come with many bug fixes and tiny changes which are always welcome. Go and grab the latest version of your favorite Open Source Email Client Thunderbird running now on Gecko 12 Engine.