For movie lovers, Movist is an indispensable app which manages movie’s collection. Movist integrates with Trakt account and allows users to sync it across the devices.



Interface of the Movist app is divided into 4 different lists –

1) Collections –

Create your collection here. Once you acquire a movie add it to your collection list.

2) Wish list-

What all movies you want to get, helps you in adding new movies to your collection.

3) Seen –

Once you see a movie, mark it seen or move a movie from Watchlist to Seen list.

4) Watchlist –

Which movies you want to see, add them to Watchlist and keep checking when they are coming.




Clicking on search icon shows latest movies along with a search bar which allows to search for a movie. Movist supports swipe based actions and swipe a movie to left or right to add a movie to any of these lists. User can also tap the movie name see all available actions.




Movist  can integrated with Trakt account and users can check-in to a movie from their collection. Movist is availble for only $1.99 at Apple Store. Once you install Movist you will not require any other app for managing your movie’s collection, so it is well worth the price.


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