Lets have a look at top 10 Most Addictive iPhone/iOS games which can keep you busy for hours. Most of these games are also available on multiple platforms including Facebook and Android.

More you play these games, more you get addicted to it. –

1) Candy Crush Saga

CandyCrushIconThis game has become a world wide craze now. Whether in  Aeroplane or in Bus, you can always find people playing with their colorful candies on mobiles and tables.


Candy Crush is a variation of old games such as Jewel Quest and Bejeweled, where you had to match three objects of same type.


Since its launch Candy Crush quickly surpassed all other games in popularity and has been holding its top position till now. Its really most addictive game available today.

Candy Crush is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Kindle and Facebook.

2) Subway Surfer

SubwaySurferLogoThis is an endless addictive game developed by Denmark based game development company Kiloo. You have to save yourself from Police while running and surfing between coming trains.


Subway surfer has been on the position of most downloaded game on iOS for quite long time and its  still among the top 10 games on mobile platform.


This game keeps on changing its theme based on different Cities. Everyday it gives you some daily challenges which you need to complete.





Subway Surfers is available on iOS, Android and Kindle.


3) Tiny Wings –

Tiny Wings is a very cute game with great graphics, background score and game play. This game has everything to become one of your favorite games.


Tiny Wings is a physics based game where you need to get your bird fly as far as it can before its sunset. But this bird has got very tiny wings so it can not fly at its own, you need to use slopes of mountains to help this tiny cute bird in flying.  More you play this game, more you improve with your flying ability.


This addictive game is available only for iPhone and iPad.

4) Temple Run

templeRuniconTemple run look similar to Subway Surfer because Temple Run is also an endless game where player have to run and save his life. However overall game play and experience is very different in both the games.

Temple Run has been in top 10 popular iPhone games and now it has got its sequel Temple Run 2 also.

Beware there are multiple duplicate games available with names similar to Temple Run and with similar looking icons. Temple Run is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

5) Hill Climb Racing

HillClimbRacingIconSimple game-play has always been the most important factor in making any game addictive. Hill Climb Racing is one more such physics based racing game where you actually dont race against anyone, you have to outperform yourself.


There are multiple choices of vehicle (Jeep and Tank are my favorite) and you can choose between many race tracks (such as Countryside, Desert, Moon, Beach etc).


You can also upgrade parts of your vehicle using the points you earn by playing the game. This is one game which never lets you loose the interest, because Fingersoft (game makers) keeps on adding new vehicles and stages in the game.

Hill Climb Racing is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

6) Flow Free

FlowFreeIconHow complex it can be to connect two dots. You get to know only when you play Flow Free game from Big Duck Games.

This game starts with simply connecting dots, but it keeps on getting difficult and intense with every level. Very soon you will find yourself spending hours trying to connect dots.

Flow is available on iOS and Android

7) Flight Control –


This game requires you to land planes on right runways. Dont be scared neither you require pilot license nor you need to master flight simulator for playing this game.

This is a very simple game which starts with single planes coming on screen whom you need to show the correct path for landing, but pretty soon your screen will be flooded with planes and you will be struggling to save them from crashing with each other.

This game is available on both iOS and Android but by different Game makers. One more game called Air Control is also available which is basically same game from different game makers.

8) Cut The Rope

Cut_the_RopeIconCut the Rope is one of the cutest game available. It has got many sequels and currently ‘Cut the Rope 2’ is the latest game offered.



This physics based game requires you to feed candies to a cute and hungry ‘Om Nom’. With every level this task will keep getting difficult and will puzzle you and challenge you.


Cut The Rope is available on many platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

9) NinJump –

NinJumpIconThe legacy started with NinJump and currently available latest game is NinJump Deluxe which includes the classic NinJump mode also.

This game has always been in top 10 iPhone games. Game play of NinJump requires you to keep Ninja running on the parallel walls and also avoid the obstacles coming on the way.

NinJump and NinJump Delux is available on iOS, Android and Amazon.

10) Fruit Ninja

FruitNinjaLogoYou love fruits (or if you hate fruits) and you love Ninja action, then this game is for you. This game requires you to be fast with fingers and cut fruits as fast as you can.

Fruit Ninja is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


11) Where Is My Water –

WhereIsMyWaterLogo‘Where Is My Water’ is a great puzzle game from Disney. Consisting of multiple levels, each with increasing complexity.

Once you start solving it, wont feel like stopping.

‘Where Is My Water’ is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

I have not listed Angry Birds game here because I cant believe that someone is not aware of this game. If you have not played ‘Angry Birds’ yet, you have no right to keep your iPhone/Android Phone with you. 😛