Many mobile apps come with a big hype, but soon you realize that its not what you expected and these apps failed their targets by big margin.

Lets check out few such over hyped mobile apps –

1) Tunerfish –

tunerfishIconIt claims to be – “a social entertainment app that makes it easy, fun, and rewarding to share what you’re watching” . But how ?? with extremely bad search results and limited list of Movies you hardly find the Movie you are watching. And to make things worse you can not simply type a name, you are forced to select only from the Search Results.


2) Mailbox


A great concept and nice app, but it still manages to be in our failure list. Reason is simple, install this app and open it with hope of using it and all you get is a Countdown running on your screen telling you how many million people are ahead of you in a WAITING LIST …. Worst is that company enjoys to flaunt their waiting list everywhere rather than being ashamed of it. Even with limited users, this application has gone down multiple times and after using it for few days you will realize that its just one more mail client limited only to Gmail. Its a much over hyped app.


3) Evernote Hello


Big name of Evernote is behind this app, but problem is that App serves no purpose. As per its official explanation – It remembers the people you meet every day !! Why would I like to add a list of same people everyday, because mostly we meet same people everyday. Much bigger question is what would you achieve when you look back on past one month’s data, just a long list of people. This serves no real purpose, just a forced app from Evernote.


4) Snaggl


This is one creepy app which gives you more than you asked for. It will create multiple duplicate contacts in you phone’s address book. It will add and save its unique id’s for every contact in your mobile and all of these stuff remains on your mobile even if you uninstall this app. Simply stay away from it if you don’t want to spend days cleaning up your Contacts list.

More to come to this list, feel free to share your contribution.