After much speculation finally Microsoft Announced their much talked about tablet Microsoft Surface on 18 June,2012 with 10.6″ screen and 16:9 aspect ratio which has got Microsoft’s ClearType HD display technology.



Microsoft Surface will be available in two different configurations, one running on Windows RT version of operating system with Nvidia Tegra CPU  and second configuration with normal Windows 8 OS with Intel processor.

Windows RT Operating System comes with the same look and feel as Windows 8, however application made for normal Windows 8 will not work on Windows RT, so beware while going for RT.


Surface Keyboard

This good looking Tablet was displayed with attachable keyboard which has got a magnetic strip and allows users to connect keyboard to the tablet without much hassle and makes it easy for users to type through keyboard rather than directly on screen.

Surface Front View

After announcement of support for ARM processor in Windows 8, it was expected that Microsoft will be targeting Tablet market. So here comes the first direct attempt from Microsoft to enter tablet market which is currently dominated by Apple and Android.