After using so many complex Personal Finance Managers it was a refreshing experience to use Toshl Personal Finance Manager.

Toshl allows to add expenses in very simple way by adding Amount and Tags to describe the expanse. Expenses can be either using Toshl Mobile App or on Web Application, and this data is represented very nicely on Timeline.



Similarly New Income can be added and any Income or Expense can be defined as Recurring which will be added to your monthly sheet automatically every month (such as add Salary as recurring income and forget about adding it every month).

Toshl allows to create Budgets (monthly, weekly, byweekly, daily etc) which tells you that in which week you spent how much and on what.

It also presents your data in different creative graphs based on different parameters, one interesting presentation is Tag bubbles where you see your all expense tags in different movable bubbles.


However there are few limitations with Free account of Toshl, such as only one Income source and only one budget can be added. It will also not allow its nice export feature to work with free accounts.

Toshl is available for multiple platforms such as Web based application as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.