Even most avid Android lover will agree that interface of Android looked old and out dated before Lollipop. There are app launchers available which claim to enhance the Android appearance and experience. But most of the old launcher apps were not only slow and bulky but also they hardly offered any better user experience . Few famous old launchers are –

1) Go Launcher
2) Apex Launcher
3) Nova Launcher
4) Google Now Launcher

Here Go launcher has been by far the most famous launcher on Android device.

But now a new generation of launcher apps have come in to the picture. These Android launchers share qualities like – lightweight on memory, intelligent behavior, minimalistic interface, customization options, app grouping and categorization for easy access and optimized for low end devices.

Lets check these modern launchers which are available for all Android mobiles –

1) Yahoo Aviate –


Yahoo Aviate is modern and intelligent launcher available for free in Google play store. It will organize applications as per your usage and will make it easier for you to access them.

Aviate has got minimalistic interface with many gesture based features. Yahoo Aviate has very original interface and reliable behaviour which gives a very nice user experience. You can read complete review of Yahoo Aviate in our earlier review. Yahoo Aviate is available for free in Google Play store.


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2) One + launcher –

OneplusIconIf you love iOS interface and experience then you will love One+ launcher app. This app gives smooth and clutter free iOS user experience on Android mobiles. It enhances the UI but does not add useless system hogging animation and features.

One+ launcher gives multiple customization options including changing themes, animation, notifications etc, and it feels more like the jail broken iOS. This launcher looks stunning beautiful on modern high resolution phone screens.

Along with beauty it has also got brains, your applications are grouped into categories making it easier to find everything you need.  One+ adds frequently used settings into Notification bar and you can also activate lock screen notifications.

One+ launcher is available for free in Google Play store.


3) Apus launcher –


Apus launcher claims to be smallest launcher in size, still it is as much feature rich as any other launcher. Apus has got a right combination of iOS experience along with best features of Android. So you will be able to scroll through App icons and get them categorized in groups, but still you will have option to open a separate list of all apps.

Apus has been created with performance in mind, so it works smoothly even on low end Android devices. Interface is clean and beautiful with a lot of customization option. This makes it a perfect launcher app and home screen replacement for new Android devices as well as old Android devices.

Apus comes with intelligent features such as – Categorization of Apps, Advance Notifications, Radar App to find all apps which nearby people are using, Apus Boost to clear memory instantly, optimized performance even on old devices.


These reasons have given a huge success to Apus launcher and in a very short time span it has got  30 million downloads. This is really a remarkable number and shows the user base this app is building.


Even Nokia has now come up with their new Z Launcher which is a gaining  a lot of popularity, it has shown fast performance, shows most frequently used apps on home screen and allowing users find any app quickly by using gestures.