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In the crowed of  different multi-protocol messengers Digsby stands out because its not just for chatting, is supports Instant Messages, Email and Social Networks, all at one place.

Digsby is most feature rich messenger which supports all popular Chat protocols like Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live, AOL/AIM, ICQ and Jabbar.

Digsby Preferences

What makes Digsby special is that it also supports Facebook Chat, Facebook Feeds, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn feeds, which makes it an effective Social Media Manager also.

This is not end of it, Digsby allows to access your online mail accounts also using POP and IMAP mail account access. So you can get desktop notification for your Gmail accounts using Digsby.

Digsby is one of the most beautiful Messenger around which comes with Skin support and gives you many great looking chat skins.

Digsby Buddy List

Digsby Chat Window

One unique feature is Digsby Chat bubbles. These bubbles are configurable and appears at the left bottom side of screen whenever we get a new message. You can directly write and reply through these Digsby chat bubbles, no need to even go back to chat window.

Digsby Bubble

Digsby comes as a free application however it has got two costs involved.First is Ads, by default Digsby shows Ads which can be switched off.

Go to Tools > Preferences > Conversations and un-check the box saying ‘Support Digsby Development With An Ad’. This will make Digsby Ad free, however if you like this great app I would suggest to keep this option active. After all they are not forcing us, they are just requesting us show the Ads.

Second cost involved in using Digsby is that it has got a Research Mode option under Preferences. This will use computers CPU for processing its data whenever it detects your computer in Idle mode. However this option can also be switched off by un-checking the box under Tools > Preferences >Research Mode option.