Unwanted preview of message or email on your iPhone lock screen may leave you red faced when you are sitting with other people and do not wanted them to see the message content. Stopping such message preview is pretty easy, lets see what settings you need to change –

1) SMS and iMessage Preview –

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Scroll down to see Show Preview setting (it should be below Alert Style setting). Disable ‘Show Preview’ setting for messages.



2) WhatsApp Message Preview –

For WhatsApp message preview you will need to open WhatsApp messenger and go to WhatsApp Settings  > Notifications  > toggle off Show Preview option.



3) Telegram message Preview –

Open Telegram messenger and go to Settings > Notifications and Sounds > toggle Message Preview off for ‘Message Notifications’ as well as for ‘Group Notifications’.



4) Mail Preview –

iPhone does not allow to stop Mail preview only. You will need to stop the complete Mail notification. Mail notifications can be stopped from mobile Settings > Notifications > Mail > Allow Notifications

However be careful while turning off this setting because you will not receive any kind of notification when you receive an email.