Any iOS app which wants to use location services, will take your permission by a popup saying – “This App Would Like to Use Your Current Location” on your iPhone or iPad. But quite often you click on OK button without even thinking what it is asking. Now problem with location service is that it drains your phone battery very fast and you can avoid it for many of the applications.


Most of time you do not know how to stop an application from using location service once you have granted it the permission. So lets see how can you revoke location service permissions for any application even if you allowed it first time.

Step 1) Open Settings and go to Privacy section.

2014-04-20 21.28.57


Step 2) Under Privacy section you will see ‘Location Services‘ as first item listed and it will have ‘On’ written with it. Click on its arrow and open Location Services details.

2014-04-20 21.29.03


Step 3) You will find all apps listed here which are using location service on your device.

2014-04-20 21.28.47


Step 4) Now you can turn location service off for complete device or revoke permission for any application whom you want to restrict.


I would advice to turn location service off for as many application as you can, because it will improve performance of iPhone while using that app, as well as your battery will last longer.

However make sure that you are not turning it off for apps which require location services for their normal operation such as Google Maps.