GooglePlusIconRecently Google changed its privacy setting and started allowing anyone to send you email using your Google plus profile. Most of the users not welcoming this step as anticipated by Google and want to know how to change and disable this setting for email via Google Plus feature.

By default Google allows anyone (yes ANYONE) on Google+ to mail you. Following are the steps to find and change this setting –

1) Open your Gmail account (yes, this setting is not in your Google Plus account).

2) Click on the Gear icon on the right-top corner and open Settings.

3) Scroll down and look for – ‘Email via Google+:’ setting.


4) This setting should be below ‘Conversation View:’ setting and above ‘Send and Archive:’ setting.

5) Change the setting given in Combo box. Available options are – Anyone on Google+, Extended Circle, Circles, No One.

You can select ‘No One’ to completely turn off email in Google Plus. Change this setting and keep your email private.