Downloading Subtitles one by one doesn’t work when you have got a huge stock of Movies and TV Serials, you need to know how to batch download Subtitles for Movies.

Here we will be looking at few options available for batch download of Movie Subtitles.

1) Sublight


This is one of the most famous software for Subtitle downloading. Sublight comes with Metro UI and its simple UI makes it easy to use.

It has got dedicated tab for Batch download, where user can select the parent folder and its all sub-folders will be checked recursively for Movie files. For all movie files, Sublight will look for appropriate Subtitles in its database and will download them. It also have got Smart Download option (skip download for Video files which already have subtitles).


However the biggest problem with this application is that in Batch mode it does not use any third party Database (such as, as a result it failed to find Subtitles for most of the Movies.

Sublight also uses point system, which goes negative with every Subtitle download. As a result pretty soon user will have a big negative point associated with his account. In order to download more it will ask you to purchase points.

2) Vroksub

This is a Command Line tool which connects to OpenSubtitles database and downloads the correct subtitles by matching hash values.

If you are not scared of using Command Line utilities, you will love it as it has got multiple options available based on the parameter values. Such as downloading Subtitle only for the Movies with missing subtitles and downloading additional data from like actors, directors, cover images etc.

However Vroksub is also not flawless, it has got few bugs and one evident bug was that if you try to download subtitles for more than 40 subtitles in one go, it causes problem.

3) Open Subdownloader

One more very promising open-source Subtitle Downloader is Open Subdownloader.


However Batch Downloading could not be tested, because OpenSubdownloader failed to detect files with .mp4 extension. Surprisingly software was able to detect .mp4 files in Single file mode.

4) SubsHub –

Subshub is an Open Source Subtitle Downloader which comes with a pretty simple interface and is focused on only one thing – Downloading Subtitles.

SubsHubIconSubsHub uses for searching and downloading Subtitles, therefore it was able to find subtitles for almost all movies and get them.

SubsHub allows you to either select a single Video file or select a folder and it will list all video files found in that folder and sub-folders. It also has got Smart Download option (skip download for Video files which already have subtitles).


Overall its performance was pretty fast and reliable in batch mode, without any major issue. Just remember that allows only 200 subtitles download in 24 hours from one IP Address. Therefore you should not try to download more than 200 subtitles in a day, otherwise it will fail.


If you are looking for a simple downloader which can silently download Subtitles for all your movies, I would suggest to try SubsHub.

However if you want more features and want to download other stuffs along with Subtitles, check Sublight or one more very nice application is Filebot. Filebot is not listed here because it does not allow batch download of Subtitles, otherwise it is a great tool for  managing your Video files and getting additional stuff.