For Linux lovers the first good news is that Linux Mint has released a new long term support (LTS) version 18 (code named Sarah). The second good news is that this time Mint has got a brand new theme called Mint-Y.

Linux Mint has been a distribution which is loved mostly for its ease of use and it is highly recommended for non tech savvy home or business users. Mint is based on Ubuntu so it supports all the software which Ubuntu can run.

The original theme Mint Linux comes with is called Mint-X. However this time Mint 18 has come out with a brand new theme with modern look called Mint-Y.

Mint-X is a great looking theme, and has been one of the reasons behind success of Mint Linux. However Mint-Y theme introduces new flat design for UI and adds new icons. We can not say that Mint-Y is better than Mint-X because both designs have their own highlights. This is the reason why still Mint-X is the default theme on Linux Mint 18.


Mint-X Theme


Mint-Y Dark Theme

If a user wants, theme can be changed from theme settings. Mint-Y will be a great new theme option for users. Mint-Y has got two variants available –  Mint-Y light, and Mint-Y Dark. However both of them use same set of icon pack, so based on your preference you can choose any one.

Go ahead and get this newly updated operating system. Get Mint Linux 18 from here.