We all love WhatsApp Messenger but sometimes we all feel like finding a free WhatsApp alternative which can provide us even more features.

When WhatsApp was launched it was a mid way between SMS and Online Messaging, which changed the way of messaging and quickly became our favorite messaging app.

But biggest problem with WhatsApp is that it has got stuck to its initial image and not evolving as fast as users expectations are growing. Moreover Whatsapp needs paid subscription from the second year onwards.

Lets take a quick look at some great WhatsApp alternatives which offer  more features than WhatsApp and also support multiple mobile platforms –

1) Viber


Viber is similar to Whatsapp in its functionality and its one messenger which covers almost all platforms including Desktop.

It integrates instantly with your Contact list and provides features like Text Message, Free Calling, Video and Photo Messages. Viber provides ViberOut functionality which allows to make VOIP calls on any mobile or land line number.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, BADA, Windows 8, Desktop.

2) Google Hangouts

hangoutGoogle has upgraded its Gtalk into Hangouts and this has got it entry in the list of Whatsapp alternatives.

Hangouts is a great software available for all major mobile platform and has got features like free messages, voice call and group video calls. Biggest benefit is that you get your all GTalk buddies already on Google Hangouts, and it allows you to receive your offline messages through SMS. However as compared to few other messaging apps its still not as smooth as it should be.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop

3) Telegram 


TelegramMessengerTelegram is a new entry among the WhatsApp alternative messengers. Very soon it has gained popularity, because of its  focus on security of messages.

Security has been on area where WhatsApp has been criticized many times. Telegram gives you an option – New Secret Chat, which allows you to start an end to end encrypted chat session with your contact which will have a self destructing timer for messages. No third party can access and read your messages, not even Telegram server keeps your messages.

Telegram has got simple interface which looks very similar to WhatsApp and initially you will need to setup your account using your mobile number. After this Telegram messenger can find all your friends using Telegram by checking your contact list.

With Telegram you can do Group Chats, Share Photos and Videos (up to 1GB size), Share and View other file types (DOC, PDF, XLS, ZIP, TXT etc).

Supported Platforms: iPhone and Android

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4) WeChat


WeChatLogoWeChat is a big name in the world of messengers it is one of most famous WhatsApp alternatives. WeChat has got huge list of features like – Voice and Video Calling, Group Chat, Finding Nearby people based on location service, Shake, Social Networking support.

It has also got plugins which gives you additional features like in app games. Get this messenger and you will be surprised to see how many of your friends are already using it.

Supported Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Web Based


5) Kik Messenger


KikLogoKik Messenger is a bit more like traditional messenger where you need to register your phone and then you get a userid. After this Kik can use your contact list to find your friends or you can add them directly using UserId. However its limited in features and require downloading additional apps for its few features.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian


6) Tango


TangoLogoTango is a colorful and lively Messenger which offers Audio and Video chat for free. It also supports Group chat with upto 50 people and allows you to share images and videos.

It has got Spotify associated with it, so you can listen to your favorite  songs also using Spotify account. Tango is a bit more like WeChat as it also allows News Feeds and use of plugins for in-app games.

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC


7) GroupMe -iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile

8) Line – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows PC, MAC OS

9) Pinch – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java

10) WowTalk– iOS, Android

11) Couple – Private Chat/Images/ToDo List/ Dates between two people only – iOS, Android

12) Pinger – iOS, Android

13) Hike – Indian WhatsApp competitor. It offers 100 free SMS/Month for users in India along with all features – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian

There are more such messaging applications available, but most of them have very limited features and are being used by very few people, which makes them very limited.

Do let us know, which of these alternatives you are using.