Everyone working on a dual monitor Windows 7 system would miss one thing, that is an extra taskbar for multiple Monitors on Windows 7 machine.

Unfortunately Windows 7 does not provide any extra taskbar for multiple monitors. Therefore you get Taskbar only on the primary Screen and not on the second monitor.

This issue forces you to always look back to your primary screen while working on there screens, whenever you minimize or maximize any window.

One tiny freeware which can solve this problem and can help you in getting free Taskbar For Multiple monitors on your system is ZBar.

Zbar Dual Screenshot

ZBar is very small in size (just 126kb) still it is very Customizable and gives you many settings to change its behavior and look.

Zbar Settings

The most impressive feature is option to choose its style, which enables you to have different style of Taskbar. You can choose between XP Classic, XP Blue, XP Royal, Vista, Zune, Windows 7 Small, Windows 7 Large and Mac OS 10 styles of Taskbars for your ZBar.

Zbar Classic

Zbar XP Cartoon

Zbar Chrome

Zbar Royal

Zbar Windows 7 Big

Zbar Zune

Zbar Vista

These all different types of Taskbars support Different Wallpapers on different Screens, Mouse Move effects, Tool-tips and Date Time Display and Calender.

You can access a Calender of last six months by clicking on the Date/Time display of Taskbar.

Zbar Single Calender

Wallpaper option allows you to set one wallpaper per screen or you can have one wallpaper on all of the screens.

Zbar Windows WallPapers

ZBar is the only fully free option available with so many Styles and features and such a tiny size. I wont say that it has got as many features as other professional Taskbar applications, but ZBar serves its purpose very well with a stylish look which you will love.

Now even Microsoft has recognized this short coming of Windows 7 and have started to support multiple Taskbars on multi-monitor systems in Windows 8. However till the time Windows 8 comes to mainstream, we have ZBar for our rescue on Windows 7.