FleksyIconNew keyboard Fleksy seems quite innovative and comes with few new patented features (patent pending till the time of writing this article). Fleksy is available as an independent writing app for iOS.

As soon as you type a word in Fleksy, it will check its spelling and will auto-correct the word. It also gives word suggestions and you can replace your typed word with any of the suggested words.


The biggest strength of Fleksy is its swipe based actions. Yes its keyboard is not only for typing, it also acts as a touch-pad where different swiping action will give you different results. Such as swiping left will delete the last typed word, swiping right once will give a Space and swiping right twice will add a full stop sign, swiping down will select next suggested word, swiping up will undo selection and will select the previous word.


Overall working with Fleksy is a very new experience, and it requires a bit of practice before you become comfortable with it. Because we are not in habit of using keyboard as a touch pad.

However what goes against Fleksy is the fact that it does not help you while typing. For using any of its features, you end up writing the complete word. Unlike SwiftKey and Swype, Fleksy only helps you in correcting your mistakes quickly and not in typing words quickly.

However I must repeat its auto correction was the best auto-correct I have ever seen and corrects all misspelled words instantly. However any writer can not rely on auto corrects as its very risky and sometimes it misunderstands your words and replaces your misspelled word with a wrong word which you did not want to write.

Fleksy app gives a you list of mobile apps which support Fleksy keyboard. However almost all of them are paid apps, I could not find any free app where you have Fleksy keyboard available.


Fleksy app does not allow you to add multiple notes, neither it supports integration with any external app such as Evernote or Dropbox. So it seemed more like a demo app, showing off what Fleksy can do, and asking you to go and buy other apps which supports Fleksy keyboard.

Fleksy is available for iOS and Android.