There are times when you want to talk to new people and make new friends with similar interests. Purpose can be anything from doing a normal chat to friendship or dating. Lets checkout few such apps which allows you to find new people who share your interests.

1) Let’s –


With Let’s you can find new people in your locality and chat with them. All you have to do is to search for people by location or by a keyword.

From the list of found people, you can request a person to connect with you. Once your request is accepted, you can start chatting with the person. This is a slow way but provides more control over whom you want to talk and whom you want to deny.

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Its a simple and nice concept. Number of users is not huge but still you will find enough number of people available on this messenger. Good app to start connecting to new people.

Supported Platform : iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android

2) Yep! –


A light and nice app which allows you to find a partner for any activity you are planning to do. So if you are planning to go for a walk or for a cup of coffee and want to know if someone would like to join you from the neighborhood, this app is for you.

It shows 7 activities – Meal, Drinks, Coffee, Events, Walk, Sport and Special. You can choose any activity type and post your interest. Other people can view it and can request to join you.

Once you get invitation you can talk to the other person using voice calling of Yep! app, so this will not reveal your real mobile number.

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Yep! uses Facebook login and any other login method is currently not supported. One problem you will face is that currently Yep is a new application so user base is low and most of the time you wont find any user in your locality. However this App has potential to gain popularity with time.

Supported Platform : iOS (iPhone/iPad)

3) Badoo –


As soon as you start using Badoo, it will show you a chat offer from a random girl’s profile (if you are a boy), with some very enticing images . Once you try to accept this chat offer Badoo will ask you to add photos in your profile before you can chat.

After you add photos in your profile, you can find people nearby your location and it will also show you who all are online. But one thing struck me that all these profiles were of girls and most of them had quite suggestive and alluring profile pics. These were the kind of profiles we usually see on fake social networking profiles.

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As the next step when I tried to chat with anyone who is online, Badoo gave me a message that I will need to pay for chatting with selected person. I could not find anyone with home it was not asking for money (unless that person is offline).

It looked more like a scam App. It was more obvious with the fact that even with my incomplete profile (which had no profile pic), I got interests from 4 girls in one night. Wow!! all those 4 girls got interested in me just by reading my name.

Overall Badoo is one of the most detailed app with a lot of options, but it looked more like a scam app only trying to make money, so I would suggest readers to be careful with Badoo and other similar apps (such as Twoo which have similar reputation). Also before paying money make sure that you find it worth paying for it.

If you have had any similar experience with these apps, please share it with us.

Supported Platform : iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android . Badoo has premium version also – Badoo Premium.

4) Skout –


Skout is nice app which gives you multiple ways to find new people and chat with them. One interesting way is to shake your mobile, it will find other people who have shaken his phone at the same time and it plays a trick with you. Skout will allow you to talk to other person for 30 seconds without revealing the identity. So you do not know whom you are talking to at first.

2014-04-18 22.28.27 2014-04-18 22.28.52


Second option is to use Buzz option. This shows you what are the recent trending activities on Skout.

Third option is to use Meet option. This one is the core functionality of this application. Here you get a list of all Skout users matching your preferences. On every profile pic you can see if the person is online or not (a green dot). If anyone is very famous and everyone is trying to talk to him/her you will also see a red chilli icon. If you try to chat with any person with Red Chilli icon, you will get a message saying – User is smoking hot right now. Send him some gift for starting chatting.

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Now for sending gift you will need to buy points by paying money. This is very similar to Badoo, so I will repeat pay any money only if you are sure about some return. Otherwise avoid such users and talk with other users which have no such icon on their profile.

2014-04-19 09.19.02

Overall Skout seemed more reliable and balanced application. Feel free to explore it.

Supported Platform : iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android.  Skout also has an ad free version called Skout+.