How often you feel that you want to find what all devices are using your WiFi connection. LAN Scan is a small iPhone app which does this job perfectly, it scans the WiFi network to find and list all the devices which are currently connected to your WiFi.

User Interface of this LAN scanner is very simple. After running the app you need to click on ‘scan’ button and within seconds it will list all devices which are sharing your WiFi connection. Clicking on any devices will open its detail view, where you can check other details of connected devices such as IP Address, MAC Address, Vendor of Ethernet card etc.

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If you want you can also get old scan history by clicking on History button given at bottom right of the screen or view additional information about each device by clicking on bottom right information icon.

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Lan Scan is very simple to use and it works pretty fast. You can use it for identifying your all devices connected to LAN or if suspect that some unauthorized user is accessing your WiFi connection.

LAN Scan is available for iPhone and iPad.

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