SlingshotIconAfter goof-up of releasing Slingshot by mistake in Indian App store, finally Facebook has officially launched its photo and Video sharing app Slingshot for Android and iPhone.

Facebook has been desperate to create an app for competing with Snapchat and after earlier failed attempts (like Facebook Poke) now they have come up with Slingshot. It allows sharing photos and also sharing videos upto 15 seconds.

However Slingshot comes with a twist, to check any of the Slingshot messages you need to first reply with one pic or video message of yours. Now this can be seen as a creative thinking, as Facebook is thinking this will keep messages floating.

But in reality it has proved to be an annoyance, what would you be sending to everyone who messages you. Do you always have images to share with everyone who shares an image with you. Obviously not.

As a result people have started to send a dummy image just to unlock the message. Pretty soon users will stop putting so much effort on Slingshot.