Google has kept their mobile network ‘Project Fi’ limited exclusively to Google phones. This has helped Project Fi in growing gradually and silently and has been successful in remaining under the radar even with their exceptional features and services.

What is Project Fi and how does it work –

Project Fi is a mobile network service provided by Google. Project Fi uses four different networks to provide its phone services – TMobile, Sprint, Three, US Cellular. It picks the strongest and fastest network and switches to it automatically, which means no more struggling for the better signal strength.

However there is a catch, Project Fi service is available only for Google’s phones. You need to have either Google Nexus 6/5x/6P or Pixel phone.

How can you save money –

Project Fi plans are simple to understand and transparent compared to other networks. You get the basic plan for $20/month with unlimited domestic calls and text. Additional family members can be added on the basic plan for just $15/month. Data would cost you $10/GB, however charges are on exact data you usage. For example, if only 1.3 GB data has been consumed in a month, you will be charged $13 and wont pay $20.

Google provides access to multiple open WiFi networks with Project Fi, this helps in saving on mobile data, as you will be using open WiFi on many of the public locations.

Now the saving part, check how much you are paying currently for your TMobile or Verizon network. Normally a single Tmobile connection costs around $70-$75, for two connections you pay above $100 per month. Now if we do the math, single basic Project Fi connection would cost you $20, even if you add one more person from the family it becomes $20+$15= $35.  If you add 2GB data for each connections, your total monthly bill come to $35+$40=$75.

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Additional Features –

Project Fi comes with some extra features, which makes them a better network provider –

1) Call over the Wifi – Project Fi can use WiFi to make a call. Which means if you have no network coverage, but you are connected to WiFi, you can still make a normal phone call.

2) Open Wifi – Google will provide a WiFi Assistant app on your network. This will automatically connect to any Open WiFi network and will use VPN to protect your data over OpenWiFi.

3) Integration with Google Voice. – Project Fi seamlessly integrates with Google Voice service, so you can also port your Google Voice number over it.

4) Free Data Sim for your tablet – You can get free data sim from Project Fi for your tablets. You do not need any new contract or connection, all the data used on your Tablet will be counted against your main Fi connection at the rate of $10/GB.

5) A very helpful customer care with a real human – Every time you call Project Fi customer care you feel the difference. No puzzling with numbers to reach a real human, you get connected immediately and they are very helpful with your issue. The quality of customer care is a big difference between Fi and other networks.

6) International call rates – Get data at the same rate even during international roaming, also get unlimited text free from 135 countries. Calling to 135 countries is very cost effective, such as calling to any India number is 1 cent/minute, while Skype will charge you 1.5 cents/minute.

How to get a Google Phone –

You can use any Nexus 6/5x/6P or Pixel/Pixel XL phone to activate Project Fi sim. If you don’t already have a Nexus or Pixel phone, Google is selling them at 0% finance for everyone on their website. You can get a brand new Pixel phone by paying $27/month on a 24 months installment plan. In many cases with the same monthly payment which you are paying to TMobile or Verizon, you can get a Project Fi connection with a new phone.

What about using iPhones with Project Fi –

Project Fi does not support iPhones officially, however unofficially there are many articles on the internet about how people have successfully used their iPhones over Project Fi. However this is totally your decision, as iPhone will be limited to TMobile network and it will not switch between networks. Another challenge is that you can not directly activate a Project Fi sim over iPhone. So you will still need a Google phone to activate it.

Conclusion –

Google’s Project Fi is not limited to one mobile network which makes it different from other competitors. It is a good option if –

  1. You want to experience a new approach towards mobile networks (multiple networks, call over WiFi, data sim) .
  2. If you already have a google phone.
  3. If you make frequent international calls, and has been spending a lot on SIP/VoIP providers.
  4. You are spending big amount every month on mobile bill and want to check alternate option.
  5. You do not use a lot of data every month and it is below 2-3 GB/month.

Project Fi is not a good option for you if –

  1. You use a lot of data, and on an average you are using more than 4GB data per month. As there is no unlimited data plan.
  2. You have iPhone, or any non Google phone. As you will require to purchase a Google phone.

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