Do not get misled by the name of this game, it is not for car racing lovers. It is a hardcore action game which is about car fights. Drive Ahead is a small but an extremely addictive game to play.


Game plan of Drive Ahead is pretty simple, you have to smash head of your opponent with your vehicle while saving your own head. One who first smashes the opponent for five times wins the game. This makes it very easy to learn and so addictive that once you start playing it is difficult to stop.



Graphics of Drive Ahead simulates 16bit graphics giving it an Arcade game look. You get different vehicles to choose from and also different Arena for fights.


Drive_Ahead_iOS02 Drive_Ahead_iOS09

Game supports Single Player mode and Double Player mode, but double player mode is not over the LAN or Internet, it simply gives controls for two players on the screen. Definitely online play mode or LAN play mode is something is which can make this game a lot more desirable. Imagine how much fun it would be to challenge your friends in the game and smash their vehicles to win.

Drive_Ahead_iOS14 Drive_Ahead_iOS04

This game has a lot of potential however it needs to smooth few rough edges.Currently Drive Ahead is only available for iOS in Apple Store, android users will need to wait for this.