You visited a very attractive website and you wanted to know what all technologies have been used to build such a nice website. There are online utilities which can scan any given website to detect and reveal details about all the technologies working behind the website.

1) BuiltWith –

BuiltWith is one of the best websites and gives almost every detail regarding the technologies a website is using. It will reveals information about Webserver, CMS, Framework, CDN, Analytical and Advertisement solutions used by the website.


BuiltWith can be used online and it will show the result of scan on its web page. BuiltWith browser extensions are also available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. BuiltWith can be used with any browser by Bookmarklet.

Check all different options of BuiltWith Extensions and solutions here.


2) W3Tech –

W3Tech gives you almost every detail about a website’s internal technology. Interface is simple and easy to understand. W3Tech provides list of information such as CMS, Webserver, Script and other technologies the website is built with.

W3Tech Firefox and Chrome extensions are also available.


3) SimilarTech –

SimilarTech shows all technology related details on its website, all you need to do is to provide any web url to it.


Results are quite detailed and lists CMS, Webserver, Analytic solution, Ad System and all other information. SimilarTech has got one of the best interface and categorizes everything technology clearly while keeping less important information away.

SimilarTech gives Chrome browser extension.


4) Wappalyzer –

Wappalyzer does not come with online scanner for checking Website technology. However it gives browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome browser along with Bookmarklet for other browsers.

Wappalyzer also gives statistics related to technology used across the websites. So it can be checked if someone wants to know which technologies are hot among websites.

5) Chrome Extensions –

There are few other solutions available which can detect all the technologies working behind any website. However they have got only Chrome extensions available. Here is a list of such useful browser extensions –

a) Appspector

b) PageXray