Creating resume is a time taking task and keeping it updated can be more cumbersome. Have you ever thought that all the career related information which you have got on LinkedIn can be compiled and used to create a resume.

Lets checkout few websites which can connect to your LinkedIn profile and generate your resume instantly. These websites can create online resume as well as offline resume.

1) DoYouBuzz –


Creates an online copy of your resume instantly as soon as you link your LinkedIn account to DoYouBuzz.

Main profile is divided into tabs, Home tab is where you get summary of complete profile. Your Experience, Skills, Education everything is beautifully placed in segments.


DoYouBuzz allows you to change theme, content and also URL of your resume (a paid feature). Adding or editing any segment of resume is also very easy.


Once you are done with editing, you can export the final output resume to PDF document. DoYouBuzz creates online resume and gives following format of URL for accessing it (for free accounts) –

You can also upgrade to paid account which costs $44.9 for one year. For 2 and 3 years plan it will cost less.

2) Strikingly –

Strikingly creates an online resume in Single Page format by fetching data from LinkedIn. Everything is shown sequentially with different sections showing different parts of your resume. Sections can be added or updated as per need.



Changing Style and color of resume is supported, however there is no option to change your complete theme. So it will have a common theme for all resumes, although background image can be changed.



Once every thing is done, and you resume is ready for use, you can click on Publish button and all changes will be published online.  Strikingly provides online resume with a URL like –

The biggest limitation is that you can not download a copy of your resume for offline uses. So it is limited to only Online Resume and even that looks more like a single page website than a Resume.

3) Resume Builder From Linkedinlabs –



Resume Builder from LinkedinLabs is a very simple and minimalistic resume creator.

All you have to do to use your LinkedIn id to login and all data will be fetched to draft your resume. There are multiple Templates available and you can choose from them.



One unique thing about this Resume Builder is that, all of the templates are very simple and not with heavy graphics. So output looks more like a Resume created in Word file.

By default all resumes have privacy setting set to Private, you can make it public and share the link of your online resume.



Final copy of resume can be shared online or an offline copy can be downloaded as a PDF document. Resume builder was closest to traditional resume and its PDF file comes without any unwanted website link.

4) – can create beautiful Infographic resume using your LinkedIn profile details. All you have to do is to login using your LinkedIn credentials.



These days it is a trend to show every data in colorful graphs and charts. So this is an unique attempt to show your career data in form of colorful graph. You can choose from different available themes and information shown on resume can be edited also.



You get online resume posted with your user name in URL, such as –

Downloading your resume as an image file is supported, but this feature did not work when I was testing.

This infographics based resume is an eye catcher and makes the resume very interesting, but big question is that can we submit them to companies for review.


Conclusion –

If you are looking for a traditional and professional looking offline resume which you can share with companies, or you can upload on other job seeking websites, then you should choose Resume Builder from Linkedinlabs.

However if you want both, online and offline resume and you are comfortable with a resume showing link of some other website (your online resume), then you can go for DoYouBuzz. Remember that on every resume created by DoYouBuzz, you get their website link embedded.
Strikingly is too limited and not recommended. is only useful if you need infographic resume and since it has failed to produce any downloadable image, it is limited to online resume only.