You want to use your favorite song as ringtone on iPhone but do not know how to create and copy your custom ringtone for iPhone.

All these things can be done pretty easily and without even using iTune for free. All you need is a free software called iRinger.

iRinger is a tiny Ad based free software, which gives you a very simple interface to convert any audio file into iPhone ringtone format (.m4r file).


The main screen gives you three buttons – Import, Preview and Export

Import button will allow you to select any files from your computer, youtube, your iphone or rip from CD/DVD.


Once Imported you can Preview your music by playing it. You can also add additional audio effects like Delay, Boost, Reverse etc using the Side Panel of iRinger.

Once you are satisfied with your ringtone, you can copy it to iTunes or directly to your iPhone without using iTune or by exporting with SCP/SFTP (SSH server required on remote device).


So now getting your Custom Ringtone on iPhone is as simple as select your favorite MP3 and Export it directly to iPhone. By using iRinger you can also created Text Tones for iPhone, just change Format option to TextTone (CAF) on iRinger Export window.