CloudMagic was a favorite email client for many people. Recently CloudMagic announced to rename it as Newton. Company claims that they have added many new features like read receipts, deferred send, undo send etc.




But the biggest change which a user will notice is that Newton is not a free email client like CloudMagic. Newton has got a hefty yearly subscription charge of $49.99.

This is a big discouragement for most of the existing CloudMagic users who enjoyed using a free email client for years. Considering that no other email client has got such a big price tag, for most of the CloudMagic users this is end of the road.

Even one time price of $50 is considered high price for email client app in this marketplace, asking customers to pay $50 every year is an audacious step by Newton email client.

Only future will tell if Newton will sink or swim, but one thing is clear that most of the CloudMagic users have been left alone to look for other email client.

Probably CloudMagic has not realized that Newton can not continue to enjoy the same user base as CloudMagic. Newton will require to create a new user base, with people who are willing to pay annual subscription fee for their services. This will also require Newton to compete against other paid email clients.

One such willing user base would be Corporate mail users. However most of the corporate users don’t like their mails moving onto a third party external server (CloudMagic is known to move mails to their servers), it will a major challenge to convince corporate mail users.

We will check progress of Newton again in future, but for now the CloudMagic email client is dead. If you have been using CloudMagic everyday like me, it is time to embrace the reality and move on. Search begins for next great email client for personal use.