ClearTaxFillingIcon5ClearTax provides simplest way to file your income tax return in India. If you upload PDF file of Form 16, ClearTax will read this PDF file and will automatically fill your tax return form. Best part is that is offering its basic tax return submission functionality for free.

While everyone is getting restless to fill current year’s Income Tax Return before 31st July. This website makes it very simple and fast to submit your tax declaration, because all you need to do is to upload your Form 16 and then confirm all your details by simply clicking on Next button. This site will read all required details like your income related details, your address, your company’s name/address/Tan Number etc directly from your Form 16 file.


At the end of this process, your form will be submitted to Indian Income Tax department and ClearTax will show you acknowledgement number which is provided by Income tax department.



After successful submission you will also get an email from IT Department regarding the confirmation of your form submission, however this official email may take time of few hours (or even one day).

Once you get this confirmation, do not forget to print the attached PDF file, sign on it and send this to Income Tax office through Indian Post.

In case if you need any help from CA regarding filing tax return, you can avail paid services of ClearTax.

You can access it either by opening or use this referral link of ClearTax and fill your tax return.