IE11_LogoInternet Explorer 11 uses Bing as its default search engine, so if you use address bar for typing search keyword, you will be hitting Bing search every-time. Lets remove this frustration and change default search provider of IE11 to Google search.

Following are the ways we can do this –

1) Use ‘Manage Add-on’ Dialog –

Click on gear icon on top right corner of Internet Explorer and choose ‘Manage Add-on’ option.


Here from ‘Add-on Types’ choose ‘Search Provider’, this will show your existing search providers on right pane.


Now we need to add new search provider in this list.

At the bottom left side of this dialog you will see a link saying – ‘Find more search providers…’

Click on this link will open IE Gallery for Add-ons, here you can search for your favorite search provider.


Once you find Google search, click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer’ button, it will ask you for conformation and we can also choose to make it default search provider on the same popup.



2) Use Address Bar Shortcut –

In the Internet Explorer 11 address bar you will see a search icon, we have to click on the arrow just besides it. This will open the search history drop down.

Here at the bottom of the menu, you will see your all existing search providers listed along with one ‘Add’ button.

Click on this Add button, and you will again be on Internet Explorer Addon gallery page.

Can not find Google search here –

It is possible that you don’t find Google in the list of Search engines because Internet Explorer gallery pages are different for different countries and Google search is not listed for all countries.


So if you are living in a country other than USA and do not see Google search provider, try to open this page of IE11 US gallery –

Here you will see a lot more search providers than any other country’s page. You can also directly open following page for Google search provider –