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Addictive Jumping Games For Flappy Bird Lovers

These games require you to jump if you want to survive and score points. Every Flappy bird lover will like to play these games. Although all these games have game play similar to Flappy Bird, but these are not rip… Continue Reading →

Create Resume Instantly From Your LinkedIn Profile

Creating resume is a time taking task and keeping it updated can be more cumbersome. Have you ever thought that all the career related information which you have got on LinkedIn can be compiled and used to create a resume…. Continue Reading →

Be Yourself On Anonymous Social Networking Apps

Social Networking sites like Facebook always wanted to give people real world social experience and unfortunately it has actually become a social networking place where you need to be conscious about your image just like the real life. On Facebook… Continue Reading →

Make cheap International VoIP calls from iPhone

Making VoIP call used to limit people to their computers. Availability of mobile VoIP apps for making low-cost international calls sets us free from computer screens and now we can make cheap international VoIP calls using 3G network also. 1)… Continue Reading →

Best Free Office Packages For iPad

Release of Microsoft Office for iPad was a big step towards making iPad a real productive device. But the fact that you need to purchase Office 365 license for creating and editing documents with Microsoft Office, makes it difficult for… Continue Reading →

PackPoint : Fastest Packing List Maker

Travel time is rush time, and last thing you want is to forget something important during this process. PackPoint is one app which¬† makes your life easier in such times. This app can automatically create a quick list of all… Continue Reading →

Fleksy : A New Intelligent Keyboard For iPhone

New keyboard Fleksy seems quite innovative and comes with few new patented features (patent pending till the time of writing this article). Fleksy is available as an independent writing app for iOS. As soon as you type a word in… Continue Reading →

Share Your Location With Family And Friends Using Mobile

How often you feel need of sharing your location with your family and friends. Few such examples can be – when you are waiting at a place which your friends are not able to find or when you are coming… Continue Reading →

Yahoo Aviate : Best Alternative Launcher App For Android Mobiles

Default Android interface is too boring for most of the mobile users, this is the reason they start to look for better alternative launcher app. Yahoo has launched its Aviate launcher which is much better than other popular choices like… Continue Reading →

Facebook Launched Photo And Video Sharing App Slingshot

After goof-up of releasing Slingshot by mistake in Indian App store, finally Facebook has officially launched its photo and Video sharing app Slingshot for Android and iPhone. Facebook has been desperate to create an app for competing with Snapchat and… Continue Reading →

WriteApp : A Very Promising Markdown Writing App On Web And Mobile

WriteApp is a web based free App for the people who love to write. You would love its features as a writer, such as distraction free clean interface, support for multiple platform (Web App and Mobile), Markdown support, can take… Continue Reading →

Best Firefox Plugins For Facebook

Lets checkout the best Firefox plugins for Facebook which you must have. If you are a Facebook lover and a power user of Social Networking sites you can not live without them. 1) F. B. Purity – F. B. Purity… Continue Reading →

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