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Create 10 Different Type of Websites Using WordPress

WordPress is one platform which allows to create and maintain professional websites without writing even a single line of code. WordPress is primarily associated to blogging and it is so perfect that most of the people ignore its use for… Continue Reading →

Add Custom Messages to Respond Call With Text in iPhone

iPhone gives you an option to respond calls with a text message if you can not talk right now. By default we get a quick response list of 3 messages along with an option to write a custom message. Problem… Continue Reading →

ClearTax : Simplest Way To File Your Income Tax Return

ClearTax provides simplest way to file your income tax return in India. If you upload PDF file of Form 16, ClearTax will read this PDF file and will automatically fill your tax return form. Best part is that is… Continue Reading →

How To Set Different Ringtones For Different Contacts in iPhone

You may want to set different ringtone for your friend and a different for your boss, so you know when to pick the phone and when to put it on silent even without checking the phone.It is very easy to… Continue Reading →

How To Change Default Search Engine In Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 uses Bing as its default search engine, so if you use address bar for typing search keyword, you will be hitting Bing search every-time. Lets remove this frustration and change default search provider of IE11 to Google… Continue Reading →

Best App To Access Shared Network Folder on iOS

iOS does not give you any built in feature to access your shared network folders on iPhone or iPad. This leaves us craving for options to connect to our PC over LAN and access our files. One great app for this… Continue Reading →

How To Password Protect Zip Files

File can be compressed directly using Windows OS system, but capability to protect files with a Password was removed by Microsoft after Windows 7 (yes it was possible in Windows XP). However now I would recommend to use 7zip for… Continue Reading →

How To Search Apps In iOS 7 Using Spotlight Search

Before iOS7 all you had to do was to press the Home button twice and Spotlight search used to popup on the screen. But in iOS7 this does not work and you end up struggling on, how to search apps… Continue Reading →

How To Minimize Any Software To System Tray

Once your computer’s task-bar is filled with multiple Software, you start looking for options to minimize few software to system tray. Minimizing application to system tray allows to keep your application running while keeping task bar clean. There are few… Continue Reading →

How To Start Free Newsletter For Your Blog Using MailChimp

Newsletters are great way to increase visitor count on your WordPress blog. However most of the newsletter solutions are either paid and quite complex. There are free options available but most of them have very limited features and are complex… Continue Reading →

How To Disable Location Service For iPhone Apps

Any iOS app which wants to use location services, will take your permission by a popup saying – “This App Would Like to Use Your Current Location” on your iPhone or iPad. But quite often you click on OK button… Continue Reading →

How To Batch Resize Images Using IrfanView And Reduce Image Size

Just after a Holiday trip you are trying to mail trip photos to your family and friends, and you realized that size of each photo is more than 5MB and sending those 100 photos over email will not be possible…. Continue Reading →

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