CardierLogoCardier is a personal finance manager app which safely keeps track of your credit card expenses and helps you in managing your expenses.

What makes Cardier interesting is that it does not need to be online for its functionality, it does not even takes any confidential information regarding your credit card. Carider can work well just by knowing your Credit Limit and Billing Date. So it is time to introduce you to this simple but effective credit card expense manager app.

Interface of Cardier app is neat and well focused on its functionality. This app has only two primary actions to be performed –


1) Add Credit Cards –

Once you pass the Welcome Screen, you will be required to add your card details to start working. You can enter multiple Credit Cards details in this app. Steps to add a card details is quite simple –

Select Currency

Cardier Currency


Select Color

Cardier Color

Set Credit Limit

Cardier Credit Limit

Select Pay Day

Cardier Bill Date

Set Credit Card Name

Cardier Card Name

Set Reminder

Cardier Reminder

Set ‘Show Remaining Amount’ option and you are done. More cards can be added in the similar way. You may have noticed, no confidential information related to Credit Card is leaked here.

Cardier Card List

2) Add Expenses –

Once your card details are in place, you can start to add expense details. You can flip through your Credit card list in Cardier and select the card which was used for the purchase. Give purchase amount and product name and you can save the expense detail. Hardly takes 10 seconds. However if you want to add additional details such as Location of purchase or select a custom date of purchase you can do that also.

Cardier Expense AmountCardier Purchase ItemCardier Expense List

All your expenses are shown in a single list so you can check the expense list as soon as you open Cardier app. Cardier also keeps track of remaining credit limit for each card. Having track of remaining credit amount and bill date helps you in deciding which card to use for which purchase.

Overall Cardier app is a nice application which is worth trying. It is available for iOS as a limited free app or full featured paid app. Feel free to share your experience with Cardier.