If you try to bypass BBM waiting list by force closing application from the task-bar (as suggested at all other websites), it works for few people but this doesn’t work for most of the users.

Lets checkout one more way to bypass BBM waiting list without force closing the application and it works every time.

BBM is allowing direct access to their messenger to all people who had registered their email on BlackBerry’s website – www.bbm.com.

So all you have to do is to find a friend who had  registered email address with www.bbm.com.

Use this email at the BBM first screen. Because BlackBerry is not checking if email ID has been used before for registering a BlackBerry account or email ID used at first screen is same as the email ID used while creating BBM Pin.

Use any registered email address and enter it on first screen (one registered email can be used any number of times) –


Yooohoo !!!   This will get you to bypass the waiting list and will show you the second ‘Congratulations’ screen –


After this everything is under your control, go to ‘Welcome’ screen and click on ‘Create a Blackberry Id’ button –


Now you are free to use your real email address and your details to generate your BlackBerry ID. 🙂

No more waiting in the queue.