facebook-twitterAfter trying almost all apps from Apple Store which claims to handle your all different Social Networking sites like Facebook and twitter, I am still asking the same question again and again on Google – Which one is the Best Social Networking App on iPhone.

None of the available applications are good enough to be called as Best Social Networking App on iOS platform.

Now the reason why I am not feeling satisfied with any of the applications like Facebook Client (Official), HootSuite, TweetDeck etc, is Gravity on Symbian.

After using Gravity for years on my Symbian mobile, and after thinking that these were the most useful 35Rs ($0.7) spent on any application, I am still struggling to get any thing close to it on iOS.


Gravity is an application developed by MobileWay for Symbian platform. Its Simple to use interface, great performance (on my many years old Nokia 5800), awesome features (Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, theme, Multiple Facebook and Twitter Accounts, Flawless multitasking) and low price makes it undisputed winner of Best Social Networking Application on any mobile platform.

Its really sad to see that its currently not available for iOS or Android platform.

So if I repeat my initial question – which one is best social networking app on iPhone, answer is No One. We still need to wait for Gravity to come on iPhone.