Need to create a shopping list but not sure which app to use and how to sync your lists if you made it on one device and wanted to access it on another device. Lets checkout few great free mobile apps which can be used for creating Shopping List and they are also available across the platforms and devices.

1) Wunderlist –

WunderList_LogoWunderlist is undoubtedly the most famous list making app on mobile platform. This one is available for almost all platforms so you will not have any issue in creating omnipresent lists on this app.


Wunderlist  sports a professional looking interface and does not follow the trend of minimalistic interface. It allows interface to be customized and other theme can be selected from the Settings menu.

Once you open the application nothing is there to distract you. Only option you see is to create a list and start putting items in it. Now that does not mean that Wunderlist has got no advance options.

2014-04-08 20.38.16   2014-04-08 20.40.18

Everything you can expect from a mature list making app is there, only trick is that Wunderlist has got all options placed so craft-fully that you don’t see them until you need them.

In Wunderlist you can set due dates, you can set reminders, you can share list with other users, you can add comments, you can attach a file, you can assign any task to other user or simply mark item as starred. This is all you can do with free version of Wunderlist.

2014-04-08 20.39.53  2014-04-08 20.38.47


However if you get impressed by these features and decide to get its professional version, you will get more features uncovered.

Coming back to original requirement, Wunderlist missed a thing which overshadowed all its features when it comes to make a shopping list. Wunderlist does not allows to create Categories and set which item belongs to which category.

Most of the supermarkets have different segments for different grocery products, if your shopping list is not grouped into categories you will have to scroll up and down many times to make sure that you do not need anything else from that area of supermarket.

‘Wunderlist’ is available on Android, iPhone/ iPad and Website.

2) – has created a big user base in a short span of time and similar to Wunderlist is also available on multiple platforms including Website, Mobile and Tablet. has already been reviewed on Techovity and complete review can be found here. has all the features which Wunderlist has got with one additional feature that it suggests shopping items while you type.

However also shares the limitation with Wunderlist, by not having Category for shopping items. So all items will appear in the same list and can not be grouped by type of products. is available on Android, iPhone and as Chrome Extension.

3) Out Of Milk –

OutofMilkIconOut Of Milk can be called hybrid application which allows you to create three different types of lists – Shopping List, Pantry List and Todo list.


It is available on multiple platforms such as Website, Mobile and Tablet.

2014-04-06 22.02.28  2014-04-06 22.03.15

Out Of Milk has got most very simple interface in comparison of all other apps reviewed here, however as it has segregated its functionality into three groups it makes it one of the most powerful listing app.

In its Shopping List segment user can set create Categories (through Manage Category menu), assign Categories to products (select Details) and also assign Unit and Price for the products.

2014-04-06 22.03.52  2014-04-06 22.04.11   2014-04-06 22.05.47

‘Out of Milk’ also displayed product suggestions while typing on mobile, however if you select product from the suggestion list it directly adds it to the list and only way to put additional details (such as Category, unit, price etc) is to edit the item.

‘Out of Milk’ is available on Android, iPhone/ iPad and Website.

4) Shopping To-Do Pro –

ShoppingToDoLogoThis app is different from all other apps reviewed here, because this is not a generic list maker which can be used for creating all types of lists. This app is solely for the purpose of creating Shopping Lists and it specializes in that.

Interface of ‘Shopping To-Do Pro’ is simple and will not confuse you. Add a new list and start adding items in it. You get option to choose Category just in-front of you item and you can set its Quantity and Cost also.

2014-04-07 19.11.21  2014-04-07 19.11.49

Creating a new category is also very easy and can be found as an option in the Category list combo.

2014-04-07 19.12.12

This app learns from the items you enter and if you try to type the same product again, it will show you product suggestion. While adding items you can continuously add multiple items using it arrow button. Once you have added all items, click on done button and you will have your shopping list nicely organized with all items grouped in categories.

2014-04-07 19.12.27 2014-04-07 19.16.21 2014-04-07 19.15.51

Reminder can be set for the shopping list and it will remind you to check the list at desired time.

2014-04-07 19.17.10

Overall its a tiny and quite impressive mobile app which can be used for basic shopping list creation activity. However if you want advance features like sharing list across devices or with other users, then this app can not make you happy.

‘Shopping To-Do Pro’ is available only for iPhone / iPad.