In the latest update BlackBerry has added Voice calling, Glympse and multiple other new features to its BBM 2.0 messenger. These enhancements have come after BlackBerry realized that launching BBM to other platforms (iPhone and Android) has not been very fruitful, as competition is very tough and almost every other messenger is offering at-least Voice calling.

BBMVoice BBMVoiceCallingAd

This new upgrade includes BBM Voice and Glympse Location Sharing service which allows you to share your location for a certain interval of time. Voice call can be done across platforms using BBM Voice feature.

These additions now allow you to share photos, locations and voice messages with your friends. You can also follow feeds coming from difference sources and read them daily.

BBMSharePics BBMFeed

Addition of new features have definitely given an edge to BBM over competitors like WhatsApp in terms of features. But its still on users that how much they show willingness to adopt BBM.