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There are applications who try to follow the standards and there are applications which set new standards and Any.Do is definitely one such Todo App which sets new standards for any Task Management application.

Any.Do is available as a Free application for iPhone (iOS), Android and Chrome browser.

Minimalistic interface of this task management application makes it very easy to add new items in its Todo list, it provides you two options to add new task – either type you task or you can speak your task.

It takes your voice commands pretty easily and adds it to your task list. Even if you are typing your task it tries to predict the task and shows you suggestions to complete the line. Any.Do learns to make its suggestions better by observing what tasks you added before.

any.Do Add Entry

Once you have added the Task you can set reminder for it by setting date and time for the task.

anyDo Set Reminder

Any Do allows to categories tasks either by Date or by Folders. Folders can be created based on your requirement such as Work, Personal, Shopping etc. Categories

Any Do supports two theme colors – White and Black. This can be changed from Settings.

any. Do Settings

Minimalistic interface of looks equally fabulous with black theme also.

any.Do  Black

As this excellent task management application is available for free of cost on Google Play and Apple Store, its a must have application on your mobile. Definitely best ToDo App on iPhone and Android.