AnonymousSocialNetworkSocial Networking sites like Facebook always wanted to give people real world social experience and unfortunately it has actually become a social networking place where you need to be conscious about your image just like the real life. On Facebook and Twitter people try to appear nicer and happier than they really are. Reason is simple, your identity is fully visible and anything you say or post will be make or destroy your image.

Now what about being honest, what about showing your likes and dislikes honestly, what about accepting weaknesses and what about discussing personal issues. Let’s check out anonymous social networking apps where you can share your true feelings and discuss personal worries without getting your identity revealed.


1) Whisper –


Whisper has gained immense popularity in a short time. This is an App where you can share your thoughts without revealing identity.

You can write about your boss, your girlfriend, about a bad day and other readers can share their honest opinion on your post.

What makes Whisper a really interesting app is that all posts are created in a form of picture cards. Your messages are written on an image so you can choose to have an image which complements your thoughts.


20140912_174654000_iOS 20140912_175340000_iOS 20140912_175307000_iOS


You can use images suggested by Whisper or use your own. It is like having Twitter messages on images. Whisper allows to chat with other users while being anonymous.

Whisper is available for both iOS and Android.


2) Confidly –


Confidly is a secret safe place where you can share your worries while being anonymous. You can get support and suggestions from Other people.

Not revealing your identity gives you confidence to be true to your heart. So you can post even the most private issues and seek help from other people.

People on Confidly help you with their experience and knowledge. Since it has been quite a controlled group of users, most of the users are polite and helpful.

You can also see what worries people are sharing and help them if you know what should be done in that case.


20140912_175716000_iOS 20140912_175719000_iOS 20140912_175727000_iOS


Confidly allows to send Private messages but users are not allowed to share their contact information.

Confidly is available for iOS and Android.


3) Cloaq –


Cloaq is more like a discussion forum which does not take your email, mobile number or any other personal information. You simply need to choose an id (which looks like @alpha1 or @beta1) and start using it. However problem here is that you can not use your email to recover your password so you must always remember your Cloaq id.

Users can post their views regarding anything and its short excerpt will be shown in card format, click on it and you can view complete post. Viewers can like posts and comment on them. You can also follow your favorite posters.


20140912_151154000_iOS 20140912_151214000_iOS 20140912_151227000_iOS


Posts are categorized and can be explored by checking different categories.

Cloaq is available for iOS.