iPhone gives you an option to respond calls with a text message if you can not talk right now. By default we get a quick response list of 3 messages along with an option to write a custom message. Problem here is that this quick response message list is limited to only default messages. Even if you reply with a custom message, it will require you to write it again and again every time you get a call because it is not saved in the list. So solution is to replace those 3 default messages by adding your custom quick response messages.


If you add a new message to this ‘Respond With Text’ message list, it can be reused. Let’s say if you avoid taking calls during meetings, you can create a new message saying ‘Hey I am in a meeting, will call you once it’s over’. Now every time you get a call during meetings, you can quickly select your favourite message and reply.

Let’s see how can you add custom messages to this ‘Reply With Text’ list.

Following are the steps to create and add a new message –

1) Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to Phone. Click on it.


2) In phone settings click on  ‘Respond with text’ option.


3) Here you will see the default message options listed.


4) Go ahead and add your frequently used custom message here.