You have purchased your new Android mobile and wondering where to start and what apps to install first. Here is a list of 26 essential free Android apps which you must have on your android device.

1) Messengers –

A) WhatsApp Messenger


WhasApp messenger does not need any introduction, in-fact this can be one of the reasons you purchased your latest smart phone. So get WhatsApp messenger and start chatting with family and friends.

B) Skype –


Skype has been one of the best messenger for free voice or video calls. Recently Skype has made its group video call free for all. So its time to get Skype on your mobile and be free from laptop for making Skype calls.

2) Notes And Lists –

A) Wunderlist


Easy to use, feature rich and free. These three things are good enough to have Wunderlist on your mobile. It can be used to create all types of lists. Wunderlist can sync your lists with other users, so you can share todo list or shopping list with your friends and family. Check out complete review of Wunderlist here.



Minimalistic design and focused on making task lists only. is one of the best available app for creating todo lists. If you dont want Wunderlist, you can go with

C) Evernote


Note taking was redefined with Evernote. Evernote can handle anything – text, image, sketches etc. Evernote is available on almost all platforms (mobile, desktop or web) so you are never away from your notes. Must have for note taking.

 3) Social Networking –

A) Facebook


Get official app of Facebook on your Android mobile or tablet and enjoy all features of Facebook on small screen.

B) Instagram


Share your photos with world and follow others to know what they are sharing. Its a world of beautiful pics shared by different people.

C) Twitter

Twitter is the place where you get to know a thing before it becomes a news. Get official Twitter app and keeping tweeting.

D) LinkedIn


Social networking for professionals is also available on mobile devices. Connect to all your colleagues and check new jobs directly from Android mobile.

4) Weather –

A) AccuWeather


One of the best weather apps available. Runs on almost all android devices and gives you all the details required. AccuWeather sends you weather alerts through push notification.

B) Yahoo Weather


Yahoo Weather is a beautiful weather app with small size and supports any android device with Android version 2.3 and up .

5) Photo And Media –


A) Pixlr-O-Matic

If you think Instagram is good, check out this app. PixlrOMatic is great when it comes to apply photo filters and to enhance photos.

B) Pixlr Express


This one is from the same company which creates Pixlr-O-Matic, and Pixlr Express is also a great free app to edit pics on mobile. You can edit pics, add text, add effects and play with other settings. Yet its only around 7MB in size and works on all Android version 2.2 and above.

C) MX Player

Play almost all video formats without any hiccup. One of the best players on Android comes with additional codecs which can be downloaded.

6) File Sync –

A) Dropbox


Get official Dropbox client for your mobile and forget all worries about transferring your files to your computer. Dropbox will automatically sync with all your devices and you can access your data on any device using it.

B) Airdroid


Airdroid works like a magic connector between Android and PC. Once you install it on your Android device, you will never need any USB cable or driver to connect your mobile with computer. Using WiFi or Internet you can open mobile control panel directly in a web browser on PC, and access all resources of your mobile device. From PC you can do many things such as send SMS, change settings, transfer files etc.

7) Call Utilities –

A) Contact+


Enhanced contact management software. Integrates seamlessly with Android interface and provides you the features missed by stock contact app.

B) TrueCaller


After intial privacy concerns now this app has become a must needed app if you want to keep spam calls away. Give you all required information regarding the caller when call is coming from an unknown number.


8) Official Work –


A) CloudMagic Email –


Fast, light weight, feature rich and supports all types of mails (yes including your Exchange server based mail) for free. CloudMagic Mail is the best mail client available for Android devices however requires Android version 4.0 or above.

B) Microsoft Office


This is official Microsoft Office app for Android. It allows you to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Free for home users, however you will require to have subscription of MS Office 365 for business purposes.

C) Quick Office


Free office app from Google. Like Microsoft Office this one also allows you to edit and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Also connects to your Google Drive for saving files.

D) Microsoft Remote Desktop


If you are working with Windows PCs and want to connect to them remotely. Now you can do it directly from Android device. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop for making remote connections to computers on your LAN. It is same as using ‘mstsc’ from your Windows PC.

9) System Tools –


A) Clean Master


Keep your mobile under control. Use Clean Master to monitor security and health status of your mobile. Its also a maintenance tool which can be used to perform operations like remove junk files, app uninstall, memory boost etc.

B) Super Backup SMS and Contact


This free tool can backup and restore SMS, Contacts, Call Data and all installed Apps. It is also  available for iOS, so you can easily move your Contacts to a new iPhone also. This tiny tool is not even 1MB in size and works on Android version 2.0.1 and above.

10) Fun Time –


A) Runtastic


Physical exercise is important to remain fit and this app helps you in doing that. Runtastic uses GPS and tacks your progress for activities such as running, jogging, walking or cycling.



A must have app for movie lovers. Get movie and TV show’s reviews, ratings, trailers and everything else you wanted to know using IMDB mobile app.