Shorthand SMS Browser Review – Twitter, Facebook, Cricbuzz use all on your Mobile Phone without any Data Plan

You want to use your favorite applications like Facebook, Twitter and Google on your Mobile Phone, but don’t want to go for those costly data plans. Then Shorthand SMS Browser is what you need on your Mobile Phone.

Shorthand SMS Browser provides all your favorite applications at one place and uses only Text Messages (SMS) to transfer data, therefore it does not require any Data Plan to be activated on your mobile Phone.

Shorthand requires Internet only when you need to download and install it on your mobile Phone and for the first time when you authorize it to use your Facebook and Twitter accounts. However you can download it on your PC and authorize it also on the Web Site of Shorthand Mobile, therefore you will never need any Internet on your Phone.

Shorthand SMS Browser comes with a big list of applications which includes Facebook, Facebook Chat, Twitter, Google SMS, Crickbuzz, Naukri, SnapDeal, Amazon, Orkut and many more popular applications. You can also add more apps after its installation.

Shorthand Main Menu

We tested three applications here Twitter, Crickbuzz and Facebook and they all worked smoothly.


Shorthand Cricbuzz

Shorthand CricBuzz Msg

Shorthand Facebook Chat

All these applications are called TextApps by the company and all of these TextApps have their native different interfaces. All of these TextApps uses only standard SMS’s for transferring data and not Premium SMS service, therefore you do not need to pay any premium charges for the messages which are used by the applications.

Shorthand SMS Browser is specially useful when you have any Free SMS Pack activated on your mobile. As TextApps uses normal local SMS’s all of these messages will be free for you. At the end of every session Shorthand gives you count of total sent and received messages during the session.

Shorthand Session Summary

I know it sounds great that now you can twitt and Chat without any data plan, so lets get this application from Shorthand Web Site or from Nokia Ovi Store (if you are using Nokia phone).

Before we end up lets see few more screens where we used  Google SMS services and Google Tools on Shorthand and it was real easy to use Google Translation without any Internet.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Your comments are always welcome.

Google SMS On Shorthand
Google SMS On Shorthand


Google Tools On Shorthand
Google Tools On Shorthand
Google Translate On Shorthand
Google Translate On Shorthand
Google Translate Result
Google Translate Result







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