Online Money Managers in India

Online Money Managers in India are still in their beginning stage, but they are growing with time. Every new Credit Card and every new Bank Account makes it more difficult to keep track of monthly expenses and available finances. A good financial planner is what we need to manage our all Bank Accounts, Credit Card

Shorthand SMS Browser Review – Twitter, Facebook, Cricbuzz use all on your Mobile Phone without any Data Plan

You want to use your favorite applications like Facebook, Twitter and Google on your Mobile Phone, but don’t want to go for those costly data plans. Then Shorthand SMS Browser is what you need on your Mobile Phone. Shorthand SMS Browser provides all your favorite applications at one place and uses only Text Messages (SMS) to

Social Media Aggregators

Social Media Aggregators allow you to access your all different social networking accounts from one place. It usually includes Social Sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace. One more interesting benefit of using these Social Media Aggregator sites is that they work even if Facebook and Twitter is blocked on your office/College network. Here is

Cheaper Than Skype Alternatives

Do you need to make international calls and looking for cheaper than Skype alternatives. Today at Techovity we will be comparing different VoIP (Internet Based Calling) options and will try to find the cheapest VoIP option. However we will not be considering many so called free USA calling providers here, which allows people to make