Nimbuzz SIP Settings – Make VoIP Call from Mobile Phone

Are you still stuck to your PC for making International Calls over the VoIP, then you need to know that how we can configure Nimbuzz SIP Settings on mobile and make VoIP calls directly from mobile phone.

Nothing competes with the freedom of making calls from your mobile phone, therefore setting up Nimbuzz SIP settings on your mobile phone will allow you to make VoIP calls from your mobile phone to any international number.

Nimbuzz SIP Settings can be set for any VoIP account, however here we will be setting it for using VoIP account –

1) Create VoIP Account –

First of all you will need to buy credits from any VoIP service provider which you think is providing the cheapest International Call Rates. For our article we have decided to use because it turned out to be best VoIP provider in our previous Cheap International Calls article .

So go to, register yourself and put some credit in your localphone account.

2) Install Nimbuzz messenger on your mobile from official site of Nimbuzz –

3) Run the Nimbuzz and click on ‘Dial Number’ option on the home screen –

4) By default Nimbuzz Out is set as your default VoIP account. On dial screen click on ‘Options’ and select ‘VoIP Settings’ in the menu –

5) You will have Call related settings on screen. Here you need to click on ‘Call Phonenumbes Via’ option –

6) Now in the list of VoIP Providers, click on ‘Add Account’ to add our VoIP settings into Nimbuzz.

7) You will get a list of many VoIP service providers. If you have purchased your VoIP credits from any of these listed providers, select the name. In case if your website is not listed here, such as is not in the list, nothing to worry about.

Just select the last option in the list which is – ‘Other’


8) You need to provide three information – User Name, Password and Proxy name.

Here UserName will be your user ID given by Localphone, this is usually 7 digit number. Enter your UserName along with the domain name, so it will be something like –

Proxy server can be found in settings, for it is –

9) Save the newly added SIP/VoIP account and we are done with Nimbuzz SIP Settings. It will automatically set as ‘Call PhoneNumbers Via’ setting. If its not set you can click one the account and set it as Deafult account instead of Nimbuzz Out –

No more steps, you are ready to make call using account.

Dial any number with country code and click on Call button, make sure that your phone is connected to Internet through WiFi or 3G connection.

You don’t need to sit in front of your laptop now for making client calls or for talking to your friend. You are free to move with your mobile phone and talk to anyone over the Internet.

Don’t forget to share your experience with Nimbuzz SIP/Voip calls.

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    i don’want to use SIP system.but it always show me it’s what hav ineed to do?

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    I like to make internet free calls in nimbuzz how do i do that in galaxy chat

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      I lyk it

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    On latest version 3.7 other voip settings feature is not available for nokia phones. I uninstalled for this reason. I started to use talkonaut now.

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